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Join the league of empowered gaming enthusiasts as a GEMDISCO Agent and unlock an unparalleled fusion of exhilarating casino experiences and lucrative partnerships. Embrace this opportunity to represent a premier online platform while reaping exclusive rewards crafted especially for you.

As a GEMDISCO Agent, the perks are unmatched. Imagine receiving up to a remarkable 2.2% for E-Games and 1.2% for Live Games commission daily, providing you with daily earnings that reflect your promotional efforts. And it gets better – there are no rules, NO NUMBER OF PLAYERS IS REQUIRED.

Join our official chat group to engage with fellow agents, participate in exclusive bonuses, and find quick solutions to any queries you might have.

No prerequisites, no investment required – just the passion for gaming and the zeal to excel. Get in touch with us today to explore this exciting journey as a GEMDISCO Agent!

Please send the agent username you wish to set, and you can become an agent.

Contact Telegram: @hanna0714 / Messnger

Master Agent’s Teaching:

Starting April 22, 2024 00:00AM

To better meet market demands, we are changing how commissions are calculated. Instead of being based on whether players win or lose, they will now be based on the amount of bets placed.

📌Here’s the breakdown:

For 51-60% Agents: E-games 2.2%, Casino 1.2%.

For 41-50% Agents: E-games 2%, Casino 1%.

For 31-40% Agents: E-games 1.8%, Casino 0.8%.

For 30% Below Agents: E-games 1.6%, Casino  0.6%.

We don’t require Number of Players to earn commissions. 

• Earn commissions directly through agent invitations.
• Players can also use the “refer” option to copy the invite link and promote it.
1. When a player registers and deposits using your invite link, you’ll receive a referral bonus of 30 pesos (unlimited).
2. To qualify for the 30 pesos bonus, players must deposit over 200 pesos and place valid bets exceeding 500 pesos (both conditions must be met for the player to be considered valid).

Contact Telegram: @hanna0714 / Messnger

Earn Commissions
Like Other Agents



GEMDISCO pays agents really well when they bring in players who play a lot.

Special Rewards

GEMDISCO agents get special bonuses and deals that regular players don’t get.

Contact Telegram: @hanna0714 / Messnger

Work When You Want

As an GEMDISCO agent, you decide when and how much you work, fitting it around your life.

Contact Telegram: @hanna0714 / Messnger

GEMDISCO's Universal Promotion System!

In the universal promotion system, everyone is both an agent and a player. Players can use the REFERRAL option to copy the link for promotion. If players register and recharge, you will receive a 30 PHP referral bonus (unlimited claims). To earn the 30 PHP bonus, the criteria are: a player recharges 200 and has a betting volume of over 500 (both conditions must be met).

Player Promotion Bonus:
Members must manually claim, it’s a one-time collection (available after upgrading, and if you upgrade multiple times, it will accumulate for one total withdrawal. If not claimed, it will continue to accumulate).

Player Referral Rewards:
Members must manually claim, with rewards for the previous day issued at 08:00 the next day (no current limit set on the claim time).

Monthly Bonus:
Members must manually claim, and upon claiming, a 30-day countdown begins (the claimable amount corresponds to the current level’s monthly bonus, not accumulative over multiple months).

Contact Telegram: @hanna0714 / Messnger

Master Agent’s Teaching: